Finally You Can Watch Hundreds of TV Channels & Classic Movies On Your PC FOR FREE!


Don't have a satellite or cable TV? 

Here's good news!

Because you can now Watch TV on your Personal Computer - absolutely FREE and...

It's 100 Percent Legal!

In a few minutes from now, you can be watching hundreds of channels worldwide. Watch Sports, Movies, Cartoons, Comedy Shows, News, Music & Documentaries straight from your PC screen.

Absolutely, with No Monthly fees ever!


NO Gimmicks,  Additional Hardware or PC Cards, Complicated Downloads,  Spyware or Malware,  Waiting For Activation of Service nor illegal connection!

 This can save you a lot of money.

The average household pays 's per year for Cable or Satellite TV services.

But why pay for them when you can watch thousands of TV programs and Movies on your computer for free?

This incredible software has made this possible. And all you need is a computer or laptop with an internet connection. 

System requirement:

1.  PC or Laptop with any Windows Operating System with at least 10 Megabytes free disk Space

2.  Internet connection (cable, adsl, dsl, wireless) Dial up will do but broadband connection is recommended with this system. The faster your connection the better the audio and video quality.


What you can be watching 2 minutes from now

100's of Movies
100's of News Channels
100's of TV Shows
Music Channels
TV programs from all around the world. In over 70 languages
General Interest TV Channels

Additionally, you'll be able to tune in to hundreds of Radio Stations from all over the world!


This Program works on Windows-based Operating System Only.
So sorry Mac Users.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions About This Software:

Q. I am on dial up? Will I be able to watch the channels on dial up connection?

A. Yes, you will be able to watch TV on your PC on dial up connection, but the streaming will be slow. Broadband connection is recommended.

Q. How much does this software cost? Free!

Q.  Is this software difficult to setup? 

A.  No. It would take you only a couple minutes to set it up and you will be able to watch TV on your PC immediately. Just a couple of clicks

Q.  Do I get charged from the stations for access to watch these channels? 

A. No, there are no charges whatsoever from any station hidden or otherwise. Just your fees from your internet provider for regular internet access that you have now

Q.  Will it work anywhere in the world? 

A. Yes, it will work anywhere with an internet connection.

Q. Can I install this software on other computers? 

A. You can use it on as many PC's as you like.

Get It Now!

Download the tv4pc today.

Instant Access. It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 A.M.

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